Welcome to the official site of the National Garden Tractor Pulling Series!

2022-2023 Rules have been posted.

Notable Rule changes for 2022-2023 Season

30 Cubic: 1000 lbs max weight.

Pro V-Twin: Pro head engines will be allowed 1050# – Hitch height will remain the same for pro head head engines at 12.25″ (This is subject to change to promote fairness)

New Class – Pro V-Twin (Heads-Up): Same rules as Pro V-Twin but all tractors will run 1050# weight and 13′ hitch height. (This is subject to change to promote fairness)

Note: Both the Pro V-Twin and Pro V-Twin Heads up will be scored as one class in the points series.

Track Operations / Safety: If the driver leaves when the red flag is still displayed, it will be cause for immediate disqualification for that class even if it’s before the 75’ mark as it’s a safety issue.

Congratulations to our 2022 NGTPS Points Champions!

Super Stock: Matt Ronnebaum – Boys and Their Toys 2

PST: Darren Binkley – Trailer Trends

Stock Altered: Gable Hodge – Taken Names

Pro Outlaw: Nick Mishler – Agent-X

Pro V-Twin: Darren Binkley – Trailer Trendz

Pro Stock: Nathan Hager – Genesis